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Interior design by Terri Schmidt of Threshold Design Group


Interior Design Services

Threshold Design Group’s customer-centric approach emphasizes understanding your unique needs, preferences and objectives through client interviews and follow-up discussions. Our skillful furniture selection and placement maximize space utilization and enhances traffic flow, creating a harmonious design that aligns with your aesthetic goals. We understand how size and layout impact flow and functionality – and can transform challenging spaces into efficient, visually appealing areas.

Additionally, we prioritize beauty and comfort, integrating aesthetics and comfort into our space planning process, ensuring that the result is both functional and visually pleasing. Our expertise in balancing functionality, aesthetics and user satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for your interior design project.

Interior design by Terri Schmidt of Threshold Design Group
Interior Design

Programming & Space Planning

In interior design, programming is like detective work. It is the process of gathering and analyzing information about a problem before trying to solve it with design. Programming entails identifying and analyzing problems and concerns, including those related to the jobsite, client's goals, and budget.

Threshold Design Group does not rush into solving the design problem. Instead, we prioritize this initial analysis to guide us in addressing any issues and questions that need to be resolved before, during or after the design implementation. In essence, programming informs the next step, space planning, by providing the essential insights needed to create effective and tailored design solutions.

Threshold Design Group excels in understanding the key elements of space planning. We prioritize functionality, ensuring that each area is optimized for the intended purpose, whether it’s a home or office space. We create layouts that efficiently use floor space to enhance its value and usability. Our expertise in balancing these elements makes us the ideal partner for your project.

Programming & Space Planning

Project Management Services

Threshold Design Group can provide project management on your commercial or residential project by providing comprehensive oversight and organization from start to finish.  We ensure that every task, event, or duty related to your project is carefully coordinated and executed.

One of our key strengths lies in breaking down complex projects into manageable components.  By dividing the project into clear processes with assigned tasks, milestones, and deadlines, we can quickly respond to any issues that may arise during the project.  Our project managers keep projects on track and deliver quality results for your project.

Interior design by Terri Schmidt of Threshold Design Group
Project Management
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