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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin a project with Threshold Design Group?

The easiest way to begin a project is to request an initial consultation.   



Do you offer consultations?

We do offer initial consultations of up to 90 minutes. During the initial consultation we will visit and assess your space, listen to what you aim to accomplish, provide some top-line ideas, and discuss preliminary budgets and expectations.  The consultation is $150.



What should I bring to the consultation?

There are three key things to bring to the consultation.  The first is a good understanding of the area(s) or space where you would like to focus.  For example, if you do not feel a room is working for you, exactly what would you like to be able to do in that space?  Second, from a design perspective, photos and images of rooms or spaces that resonate with you are always welcome to gain a better understanding of your aesthetic.  The final item is an idea of your budget.  All of this information guides us in creating environments that are perfect for you.



This is my first time working with an interior design firm.  What is the process?

Following the consultation, we will generate a proposal which outlines the scope of work and associated budget for the areas that were discussed during the initial consultation.  We will review the proposal with you, answer questions, and if necessary make adjustments per our discussion. 


Upon agreement of the proposal the real fun begins!  Based on the scope of work, you will receive our ideas and plans in more concrete form.  Our efforts may include floor plans, design directions, product photographs, even fabrics, tiles, and other finishes.  We provide our recommendations and work with you to develop the final plan within the approved budget.


The next phase will be dependent upon the project itself.  Every job always has many moving parts, and at this point we will review the necessary set of tasks unique to your project.



Can you help me determine a budget?

A budget is a necessity for any project.  We will take you through the process of estimating costs while also keeping an eye on what you have set aside to spend. 



Can I keep and use current furniture in the design?

Pieces of good condition and quality can usually be incorporated and we can help you determine which will work best.  Weaving your treasures into a new design can be fun. 



Do you recommend tradespeople?

We can provide names of tradespeople and make vendor suggestions. 



Will you use one of my tradespeople?

Depending on the project type, working with one of your tradespeople would be an option. 



Must all purchases go through Threshold Design Group?

At this time, Threshold Design Group does not provide procurement services.  We will specify products, materials, and finishes for projects and provide appropriate vendors for the client to purchase these items directly.



What is your payment policy?

Upon acceptance of the proposal we request payment of one-third of the design fees.  Following the initial payment, invoices would be provided monthly based on the percentage of completed work.

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