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“Terri is a joy to work with.  Terri’s attention to detail is unmatched only by her keen ability to consider client needs.  Having had the pleasure of collaborating with Terri on projects both large and small, her passion for design is infectious.”

—George Poulin AIA, LEED AP, Strada Architects


“Working with Terri from the beginning was a breath of fresh air.  She was practical, calculated and a solution driven partner on a very intense project.  We worked collaboratively to deliver a successful product on time and under budget. I would recommend her 10 out of 10 and look forward to our next project!”

—Sean Burgo LEED AP, Wexford Science + Technology


"Her designs are complete, efficient, buildable, and well thought out. The dedication and experience she brings to a project are second to none!  And not to be minimized, her positive personality and tremendous sense of humor always make her projects fun to be on!  I wish we could work with Terri on all our projects.”

—Stephen Pouppirt, President, Clemens Construction Company


“Terri's guidance and expertise were invaluable when it came to preparing my friend's house for sale. Her insights into the nuances of home presentation, from recommending which furniture to move or replace to suggesting paint colors, were instrumental in transforming the space into an appealing and market-ready home.  Terri's expertise and professionalism made the entire process smooth and stress-free.”



“What truly sets Terri apart is her innate ability to lead and galvanize a team. Terri possesses a rare combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills, high energy and positivity, which she leverages to foster a collaborative and productive work environment. Her leadership during challenging projects was pivotal in guiding the team towards innovative solutions and successful project completion.”

—Jim, Construction Executive


“Terri's expertise and dedication were indispensable in the design and transition of our new college space.  Her courteous and light-hearted approach balanced professionalism with warmth, making the entire experience both productive and enjoyable. Terri's commitment to excellence and unwavering support were instrumental in guiding us through this transformational journey. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in this endeavor.”

—Kathleen Funk, Chief Operating Officer/Associate Dean, Drexel University


"Due to health issues, my husband and I had to sell our house and move to an apartment in a relatively short period of time. The stress of having to move from a three story house to a two bedroom apartment was overwhelming. We hired Terri to help us decide not only which pieces of furniture would fit in the new apartment but also how to arrange things.

She asked us questions about how we wanted to use our new space and, in turn, provided various layouts showing us different furniture arrangements. We selected the layout we liked the best and were able to provide the layout to our movers. They were thrilled to know exactly where to put all the furniture which made things less stressful for everyone on moving day!

We were so happy to have Terri’s help with our move. She was right with all of her furniture choices. I know that I would have brought some of the wrong pieces and definitely I would have brought too much furniture. Our new apartment is beautiful and we love it!"


—Victoria T

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