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6 Tips to Prepare for Your Interior Design Consultation

Having an interior design consultation is an excellent way to kick off your home improvement project.  From the information gathered at this meeting, we will be able to create a plan for a space that genuinely mirrors your preferences and brings you joy.


It may feel a bit tricky to know how to communicate what you want, or you may feel intimidated about how to properly start the process.  We get that!


Here’s a tip - just as with any successful endeavor, preparation is key.  Here are six tasks we suggest doing so you walk into the consultation confident and well equipped:


Know Your Goals

Being clear on the reasons you want to make changes is priority number one!  Do you want to use the room for a different purpose?  Are you planning to move soon, or is this your forever home?  How do you want to feel in the space?  Knowing what you want to accomplish not only gives us direction but also influences the next five steps in different ways. 


Determine Your Budget

Be honest about how much you are willing to spend on the project.  Working with a budget helps us in several ways, and not just for selecting furniture, accessories, and finishes.  Budget parameters are especially handy for setting priorities for all of the elements and services that go into a project.


Think About Your Lifestyle

Rooms may have similar functions, but we have found people typically use them in slightly different ways.  For example, is the kitchen island you are dreaming about also the place where kids will do their homework?  Do you entertain frequently and want to have plenty of places for people to sit?  Envision how you will live in a room and clue us in on those details.


Be Open About Your Needs

Everyone has different needs within their home, whether it is keeping a collection of vintage quilts, vintage wines, or plans to bring in a furry family member.  Telling us about these things from the start will put us on the right road together, and ultimately give you a home that works for you.


Show and Tell Your Likes and Dislikes

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take time to find photos of rooms, furniture, fabrics, colors - anything that you like and can imagine living with.  We love seeing and appreciate these visuals, and combined with our conversation we will be better able to interpret and understand your vision. 


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