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7 Ways An Interior Designer Has Your Back

Interior designers are creative and technical professionals who conceptualize and create the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of interior environments.  They transform the vision of their clients, creating spaces that are functional and beautiful.  Here are seven ways an interior designer brings benefits to your projects:

Extensive industry Knowledge and Expertise

Interior designers are well-versed in design principles and are able to creatively configure spaces to make them useable and beautiful. Years of experience, working with experts and learning from mistakes contribute to their expertise.

Efficient Project Management and Organization

Successful completion of a project requires keen project management skills.  Designers understand the necessity of a plan and the importance of following it.  This streamlines the process for the designer, you (the client) and other professionals who may be working on the project.  

A Team of Passionate, Qualified Professionals

Experienced interior designers have a network of skilled professionals in a variety of fields.  They can easily tap into this community for collaboration and resources.  

Creation of a Home Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Interior designers start every project by listening to what you hope to accomplish in your home. They ask questions about dreams and needs, activities and tasks, in order to create a specifically tailored home.


Creating and then implementing an interior design plan takes time!  Between the initial plan to final completion are a myriad of project-related tasks, including budgeting, shopping, deliveries, and coordination of other professionals.  Interior designers manage these details, allowing clients to regain control of their lives.

Communication and Peace of Mind

Designers ensure their clients are informed about the project as it progresses.  Good designers are forward-thinkers, proactively seeking ways to alleviate any stresses their clients may be feeling.  In addition, should a challenge crop up, designers quickly offer solutions.  

Creation Of A New Experience to Call Home

The ultimate goal is to create a home that provides a fresh and delightful experience for the inhabitants.  Interior designers understand how to balance these facets, to design a home that brings joy to the resident.  

Threshold Design Group is dedicated to making the interior design process stress-free and uncomplicated.  Contact us for an initial design consultation.  

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