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Downsize? Upsize? Live in Place? Consult A Space Planner for Guidance.

For many people, where they live as well as the type and amount of living space they need changes throughout their life.  When it is only yourself, a rented studio may be ideal.  Starting a family?  Then owning a home with several bedrooms in a good neighborhood may be the goal.  Later in life, many people become empty nesters, or through other circumstances, find themselves living solo.  Consequently, their expectation of what a home needs to offer shifts once again. 

Each of these new chapters can bring excitement, but they also come with many considerations and decisions.  Whether it’s moving into a new home or revamping your current place to better suit your needs, this can lead to overwhelming feelings and anxiety due to the multitude of choices involved. 

Complicating matters are today’s real estate market conditions.  Increased interest rates and inflation have made some people change their original plans.  For example, the downsizing strategy an empty nest couple had in mind may not be financially sound at this point.  In other words, opting for a 6% mortgage loan when they have a 3% mortgage is probably not the wisest move, even if the loan amount is smaller.  

On the flip side, first-time buyers and those who were hoping to upsize may not have the available cash needed for today’s home prices, or the desire to take on a loan at today’s current rates.

Whether the outcome is to stay in place or proceed with a move of any type, the ultimate goal is to create a home that supports your current lifestyle.  Not enough space, too much space, and dysfunctional spaces are all ingredients for frustration and disaster.  Working with a space planning and interior design professional can remove the stress related to numerous decisions and optimize a home’s layout for you.

As you explore the ways of making your current or new home a better fit for your lifestyle, take time to think through the following.  The answers will help you determine priorities, create useful information for yourself and determine if any professionals are required to assist.  

What lifestyle do you want to have?  

In any situation requiring a change, it’s prudent to first focus on assessing how you currently live and those needs.  This could be maintaining your current way of life or adopting a new one.

Think through what a typical day is like, and how you interact with the home.

Also, consider non-typical days.  How many are there?  What happens during that time?

Individual room evaluation

Carefully look at every room.  How is it currently used?  How often is it used?  Does it function the way you need it to?  If not, what are the challenges?

What limitations do you have?

With this question, most people think of the physical limitations of older individuals, such as managing stairs or keeping up with cleaning and home maintenance.  However, this consideration can arise at any stage in life.  For instance, parents of busy children or those caring for a family member may also face similar challenges due to their limited capacities and resources for these activities and tasks.   

What is missing?  

It is important to consider what is missing in a home as much as what is already there.  Would another bedroom ease tensions in a growing family?  Has anyone developed a hobby that needs space?  Are you entertaining more or less frequently?  Answers to these questions are critical when searching for a new home or looking to make better use of a current one.

Embarking on a journey to downsize, upsize, or live in place brings both excitement and challenges.  Working with a space planner can not only ease the anxiety but also boost the functionality of your home, no matter your stage in life.  Threshold Design Group is ready to help you plan your space that fits your needs.  Contact us to schedule an initial design consultation. 

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