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What Is A Space Plan? And Why Do I Need One?

Walking into a fabulous room can be a feast for the senses.  Gorgeous furnishings, harmonious colors, textures you want to touch, and perfect lighting. But what if you hit your knee on the too large coffee table each time you step into the space?  That bruise on your knee is a gentle reminder about the importance of having a thoughtful space plan. 


So what exactly is a space plan and why is it necessary?


What Is A Space Plan

A space plan is as the name suggests - a detailed and visual representation of how elements in a room or space will be arranged.  The purpose of the plan is to ensure the functionality, flow, and aesthetics of a space all work in harmony.  All furniture, fixtures, and other elements are captured in the space plan which then serves as the critical groundwork moving through the design process.   


Whether you are embarking a room update or are starting with a blank canvas, here are key reasons why you should have a space plan:


Optimizes Functionality

A well-thought space plan prioritizes practicality, ensuring the layout of the room seamlessly serves its intended purpose.  Every function is carefully taken into account and the elements are then arranged to facilitate those activities.


Makes The Most Use of Space

Remember hitting the table earlier entering the beautiful room?  Space planning considers the dimensions of the room and strategically arranges furniture and other elements to avoid overcrowding or underutilization of space. 


Ensures Flow and Accessibility

Having a natural flow through a room is important to its enjoyment.  How people will move around, the ease of the movement, and accessibility are all considered in the arrangement of furniture, fixtures and other design elements. 


Reinforces Aesthetic Goals

Beyond functionality, a space plan supports the overall aesthetics of the room.  The design principles of balance, proportion, and harmony are all considered to create a visually appealing and cohesive environment.


Helps Communications with Design Professionals

A space plan is a communications tool that can be shared with architects, interior designers, even movers to show them the desired outcome.  By understanding the plan in advance these professionals will understand your preferences and requirements and be better able to deliver on those needs. 

Serves as a Foundation for Budgeting and Project Management

A space plan is a valuable resource and reference guide throughout the budgeting and project management phases.  It provides a basis for estimating costs associated with furniture and decor, and serves as a guidebook to keeping the project on track and on time.


Streamlines Purchases and Placement

Knowing the amount, type, and size of furniture needed for a space helps streamline the decision-making and purchasing process for these items.  No need to worry a piece will be too large or too small for the space.


A well-thought space plan is key to avoiding a room that just isn’t right, expensive mistakes, and wasted time.  By starting with this foundation you will gain a beautiful and functional space - and keep those knees in tiptop shape!   

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Perfectly written and so many crucial points made! Great read 🙂

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